Basic Professional Information

I am Professor of Mathematics at Gordon College, on Boston's North Shore. I teach a variety of math courses running the gamut from core courses to senior-level ones.

I'm very involved with a number of other mathematical endeavors, including open-source software. I also have done enough editing and refereeing now to claim some expertise in that.

Most of my formal research now is in the mathematics of voting and choice, with other scholarship more closely related to university-level teaching. I received my PhD in Mathematics from the University of Chicago; my thesis, "Chow Groups of Zero-Cycles Relative to Hyperplane Arrangements", was completed under the direction of Spencer Bloch. I also studied mathematics and keyboard instruments at Northwestern University and Roosevelt University.

Finally, I do a fair amount of speaking and workshops about several topics. Contact me if you think your colleagues or students would like to hear an entertaining and informative introduction to ...


Gordon students: go straight to Canvas!

In Gordon College's department of Math and CS, I'm fortunate to have support from students through administration to innovate in several ways.

It has also been very gratifying to guide talented students beyond our usual curriculum, including:

Some work related to this has ended up published or otherwise reached a broader audience, see below.

Research and Other Scholarly Activities

Mathematics of Voting

Here are summaries of voting-related projects I've worked on.

General scholarship

There are many things which I view as scholarship.

Other Stuff

Please note I am aware that my site seems oh-so 20th-century. But I promise not to use the <blink> tag. Anyway, occasionally simplicity is a virtue.

If you've never heard of AIMS, the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences, you should find out about it and the Next Einstein Initiative! I've been fortunate enough to teach Experimental Mathematics with Sage twice at the South Africa site.

I serve in various professional capacities, largely involving editing and review.

Various professionally-related web profiles: